Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let the Party Begin....

It’s been 5 months in the making, but it’s finally here! My square foot gardening blog.

I suppose I should start with a bit of a disclaimer. I am a beginner. I do not have a green thumb- yet. This blog is meant to be a chronicle of my first vegetable garden - an experiment if you will. Here’s my story….

Every January, I take stock of my efforts to be more sustainable, less wasteful, more environmentally friendly. Luckily, I live in great city that makes this easy. Halifax , NS was voted the Most Sustainable medium sized city in Canada in Corporate Knights Magazine’s annual rankings* Compost at the curb. Check. Ban on pesticides. Check. Remembering to bring my reusable grocery bags. Check. Using non-toxic cleaning supplies. Check. Buying local wherever possible. Priceless. It was time to take it to the next level. What could be more local than growing vegetables in my own backyard- having my own kitchen garden? So I went to the net and did my research. I came across the Square foot Gardening method, created by Mel Bartholomew as an easy way to grow vegetables in raised beds ….. Seemed perfect for my small, urban backyard.

In case you're not familiar with Nova Scotia, and are wondering about the “bluenose” reference in my About Me description- as a Nova Scotian, I’m also known as a “bluenoser”, a nickname that can be traced back to at least the late 18th century. Sorry- I couldn’t resist the “blue nose”/"green thumb” reference. There are a lot of great square foot gardening blogs out there- I've been following along and learning a lot! I’m going try to bring a local east coast perspective to the table, local sources, etc.

So sit back, put up your feet, and let the Kitchen Garden Party begin!


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