Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Frost in July??????

OK- So I came back from a rainy week of vacation in PEI and tuned into my local radio station to hear the upcoming weather report (SUN PLEASE!!!) and I heard something totally unexpected- a frost warning!! What? Frost in July? I don't remember having frost before in the summer- that is something I would expect in say- Yellowknife- but Halifax? Then again, maybe it isn't unusual to have frost at this time of year? Maybe i've never noticed before because I haven't had a garden to worry about. It's bad enough that it has been so long since we've had a 'real' sunny day- you know the kind- sun all day long. Not the odd hour or two of sun 'break's' we've had - very sporadically , I might add- over the last few weeks. I heard someone say the last full day of sun was June 17! But getting back to the frost warning- That is just kicking us when we are down! They say there could be a low of 4 degrees tonight in some areas. I can remember having 4 degree days in December...we considered that warm at the time. The news is not all bad, however. I just checked the environment canada weather report and it looks like we may have a couple of sunny days coming up...

To be on the safe side, i have covered as much of the garden as i can with a row cloth I had on hand, making especially sure the tomatoes, peppers and basil are protected overnight from (gulp) frost.

While I contemplate turning on the heat tonight or lighting a fire in the fireplace, here are some shots of the garden pre-vacation.

The zucchini is coming along, but somehow I imagined it would be bigger by now.

The first tomatoes are starting to form. I don't know if this is a cherry tomato or Tigerella as I forget which ones I planted where:

A couple of weeks ago one of the bell peppers had some blossoms on it. These have fallen off to be replaced by this:

Could that be the start of a pepper? Or is is too soon for that?

The pole beans I started just a couple of weeks ago are doing well (pictured below). The yellow bush beans, not so much. I can't tell if there is something eating the leaves, or if there has simply been too much rain.

View of the big box:

Carrots continue to grow:


The broccoli starting to form heads:

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