Monday, July 20, 2009

A Square Foot Garden Mystery

Hmmm....on my morning inspection of the garden today, I noticed something really strange. The tops of a lot of my tomato plants were cut off! Just the tops at the ends. What a mystery! I don't think it was a bug, as it is a very clean cut- it looks like someone came a long and snapped them off.
It could have been a human predator, out on a night of pranks....something that has been known to happen in our area on occasion. However, I didn't see any evidence of the leaves on the ground.
More than likely, it was probably some kind of animal. The two culprits on my most wanted list are raccoons and deer. I'm leaning towards deer (not a common sight in the neighbourhood- but maybe they come out at night). The raccoon is not as likely, as it would have had to climb up to reach the tops of the plants, and based on where the damage occurred, there was little chance of the string i'm training the tomatoes up would support the plant AND a raccoon. The mystery continues....

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