Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Counting Tomatoes

I have added a new harvest counter to the blog today. In addition to tracking the number of meals I make with what I grow, I thought it would be nice to keep a running record of the total number of tomatoes I am able to produce. This will be helpful to compare my production from year to year. This counter will not include the cherry tomatoes, but rather any larger species I grow. For this year's purpose, that would be Earlirouge and Tigerella.

A side note about the Total Meals counter I added a few weeks ago: This is a very un-scientific record of my harvest in terms of how many meals I have prepared using vegetables from my garden, and the approximate grocery store equivalent cost. I am totally guesstimating these figures though, but hopefully it will give me a bit of an idea. Some 'meals' would be considered a snack and I will count these as .5 (ex a handful of cherry tomatoes).

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