Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post Hurricane Update

Hurricane Bill roared off the shores of Nova Scotia on Sunday, but thankfully it stayed far enough away that we didn't feel it's full effects. We did have 'tropical storm' force winds and rain. Thankfully, the garden survived with little or no damage!

I am very pleased with the performance of the string trellis I have set up for the tomatoes. At one point at the peak of the storm I looked out the window and the tomato plants were barely moving, even though the winds were blowing the trees back and forth without a problem. The twine system has a bit of give to it. That, combined with the pruning to one branch served to help the tomato's survival. I will definitely be using this system again next year.

Despite the storm I was even able to pick a few ripe tomatoes to make a delicious tomato cream sauce for pasta that I found on the a vegan recipe site, vegan yum yum ( I am not a vegan, but incorporate vegetarian/vegan meals into my diet quite frequently). It is an easy recipe and really tastes amazing!


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