Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eat Your Veggies

Some of the spinach was starting to bolt over the weekend, so i picked as much as i could.  I made up a bath of spinach pesto, inspired by the following recipe:

I pretty much follow the recipe as is, but omit the chicken stock and go a little easy on the garlic (I find one - two cloves enough  for my taste).  I will also sometimes add in lemon zest and a little extra fresh basil.

I had enough spinach left over, so I also whipped up a batch of "green-cheese".  "Green cheese" was the result of many years of trying to get my kids to eat more veggies.  I have had other ideas that have been failures (even I'm sorry about the 'green egg' experiment).  I have tried recipes and ideas from books and magazines to 'hide' veggies in my kids food or give the dish a cool name. At the end of the day,  I can't seem to trick my kids in to eating more vegetables. So how I got ever got away with green cheese is beyond me.  But I'll take what I can get and green cheese is here to stay. 

I mostly use green cheese on pizza, but I have also used it in quesedillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, fahitas, and any other dish that would be good with a little, well- green cheese!

It couldn't be more simple to prepare...toss a few handfuls of spinach into a food processor along with some shredded cheese and pulse a few times until you get a good consistency (key is not to blend too much, but enough so that you don't have large chunks of spinach:
Here it is  nicely melted on a home made pizza:

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