Monday, June 21, 2010

Edible Landscaping

I haven't been blogging a whole lot the last couple of weeks...I have been busy with the make-over of the kitchen garden, and after a lot of work, i think I'm getting close to being able to reveal it to you....but not just yet. The end is in sight, though, I can feel it!

You may be wondering what has taken me so long.  The whole project has been evolving along the way and has changed from a simple re-organization of the garden beds, to a whole makeover of the space.  I've been digging away the slope, moving rocks to give shape and structure and re-filling dirt to even things out. 

Throughout the whole process, I've been keeping in mind the concept of 'edible landcaping', or using fruits and vegetables in conjunction with flowers and other plants to make the landcape pleasing to both the eye and the stomach.

I believe 'edible landscaping' is something that the 'urban gardener' particularly should pay attention to. It's not like we can always locate a vegetable patch in a far corner of our yard out of sight. I believe a vegetable garden not only has to be functional, in that it produces food, but also that it should blend in with the surroundings- a place where you can sit back and relax and take in the sites and smells.  That's the hope for my kitchen garden.

To that end, I have been scouring the web, looking for design ideas, structures, building materials, planting ideas, etc to use as inspiration for my backyard vegetable garden.  I thought that this week, as I near the end of the major construction phase (I hope!), I would bring to you some of that inspiration.

First up is a little video from  'Dave Wilson Nursery" I discovered on youtube, profiling the garden of a landscape architect named, Rosiland Creasley who, according to the video and website, is a "pioneer in the field of edible landscaping".  Be sure to check out her site for more ideas :

I'm definitely adding her new book set to be released November 1, to my christmas wishlist:

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