Monday, June 28, 2010

Potato Experiment Update

The potatoes are growing like crazy.  It seems like I have been adding soil and 'hilling' up every few days.  Here is the update on how things are going.

Method A: Potato Tower

Of the three growing methods, the potatoes in the potato tower have been the slowest to show growth.  It is hard to compare, of course, as I planted these potatoes 2-3 weeks later than the others.  I have applied 2 levels of boards so far.  I may not go as far as the top, as the container definitely uses up a lot of soil.  All in all, so far so good. (Note: in the picture, the sticks are my attempt to keep out the cats).

Method B: Potatoes in Seaweed

The potatoes growing in seaweed have now reached and extended well beyond the top of the barrel.  I applied what might be a final round of seaweed and the plan is to let it go now.  Observation: seaweed gets pretty slimy after a rain and an initial feel into the barrel indicates that it breaks down pretty quickly.  I think i'll wait to do a full harvest after the plant flowers and dies off...I don't relish the thought of digging around in the slimy depths to harvest any early potatoes- if there are any.

Method C:  Potatoes in Grow Bags

Wow! Of all three methods, the grow bag potatoes are so far exceeding everything else in growth.  Of course, I'm not sure what's going on underneath, but if the greenery is any indication, these things are growing like weeds.  I have already noticed some flower buds forming.  I have filled the bags almost to the tops.  I will let them grow now and after flowering, I may try to rob some 'early' potatoes. (The picture below doesn't do the grow bag potatoes justice...they look much 'bigger in person')

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