Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slugfest 2010

I don't know if it's all the rain we've had in the last week, or the fact that I have disturbed so much of the ground around my garden while moving the raised beds, but it seems that i'm being over-run with slugs this year.

I don't remember seeing any slugs last year (but certainly found some evidence they were around). I'm going to have to get my organic slug control methods in gear.  I noticed this morning some of the beans that have just sprouted up are looking suspiciously eaten.

I've been searching for ideas on how to prevent slugs from eating the plants. In the following reference, I found 2 pages of slug-control ideas:


There seems to be 3 popular methods of dealing with the slimy guys-

-Beer Bait
-Barrier ie broken egg shells or something called diatomaceus earth (not diacotomous earth, which is how i asked for it at the garden centre hehe) sprinkled around plants favoured by slugs.

I'm going to try all three!  I found food grade diatomaceous earth at farmer clems and have stash of dried egg shells on hand.  I also liked the idea of setting a newspaper or board on the ground and checking underneath it every morning to catch them in hiding. 

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