Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Stalking" the Garden

I caught myself staring at my kitchen garden again yesterday.  What else is there to do on a rainy day, I ask?

I guess I must be doing this a lot lately.  My daughter found me the other day, watching the garden from her bedroom window. "Staring at the garden again, mom?", she asked.  I'm hoping my neighbours at the back of my house aren't thinking I'm spying on them.

I guess it all started last winter when I decided to move the vegetable beds and do a bit of 'edible landscaping'.  I did a lot of staring and dreaming out of various windows at that time- the kitchen, the dining room, and two bedrooms- trying to come up with a good plan for the garden layout.  Different windows gave me different angles, perspectives, and ideas. 

Now that I finally have the 'bones' of the garden in order, I suppose I continue to monitor the space.  I like to see how it's growing so far, but I'm also still making plans and figuring out the finishing touches of the design.  I'm thinking about what to plant where, if I can fit in any more pots, what materials I'm going to use for the 'sitting' area, and of course,future expansion.  I'm still staring at the garden out of windows, and now that the weather is warmer, I've been standing 'in' the garden itself (behind my shed out of my neighbour's view ;) ) having a look from ground level. 

I'm not quite ready to reveal the finished look to you yet- and by finished I mean the end of 'phase one' of the garden design.  Yes, there is a phase two and beyond. So I guess I'll have a few more years of stalking to complete the look I'm dreaming about.

Coming soon: the new and improved Kitchen Garden....stay tuned.

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