Sunday, July 4, 2010

Before and After

Remember this contraption I constructed back in spring as a row cover?

I ran into a few problems with the design of the cover, in fitting it over my existing 'cat barrier'.  It was too difficult to take it on and off so I decided to create something entirely new. 

Before:  Second hand curtain sheers picked up from Value Village:

After:  New and Improved Crop Cover

It may not be beautiful and could use a little ironing, but it definitely is functional.  I put my sewing skills to work and created this cover with an elasticized bottom.  It comes off easily and fits tightly.  And better than that - it works!  Haven't seen a cabbage worm yet and the broccoli, beets and swiss chard are growing like mad underneath.  I'm hoping to later make a similar cover, re-designed to fit over a half-barrel.

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