Thursday, July 22, 2010

Before and After

Today's "Before and After" is not just a regular Before and After, but THE Before and After....the big reveal!  I'm happy to say Phase One of the kitchen garden make-over is (finally) complete!

You  may be wondering what took me so long.  Believe me, I've been asking myself this same question these past few months! I originally set out to move a few of the raised beds, construct some new ones and pretty up the space a little. The main reason for the work was to take better advantage of the path of the sun in the back yard. My goal was to be finished by the end of April.  As things progressed along, the design changed.  I had a lot of dirt left over from my front yard work in May, which gave me an opportunity to create some 'levels'. The kitchen garden took on a life of its own and sort of just 'evolved'.

The finished product certainly is miles away from my original plans.  Thankfully, I'm really pleased with the way things have progressed.  I can now envision what I plan to do to continue to expand the space in the next few years. 

I really like the new configuration, as it frees up space in the lower half of the yard for a play space. Next year, I plan to 'level' that area off and put in some grass for my kids to play on.  All in all, a more efficient use of space.

You will notice that most of the vegetable garden lies to the left of the yard, which is precisely where the sun shines the most. One of the garden's 'short-comings' last year was the placement of the boxes vertically down the slope, which missed the majority of the sun.    I am planning on filling in the right side next year, probably with more half barrels.  This side does get some sun, but I'll have to do some careful planning as to what will grow successfully there (something to think about this winter).  I will also hopefully be able to add more 'colour', inter planting with flowers and flowering shrubs.

Yesterday my son was in the garden with me and said, 'you have a really cool set up here, mom'.  So I guess I must have done something right for a seven year old to notice.  Now if he'd only eat some of the vegetables I'm growing, I'll be really happy!

So, here it goes....

The Kitchen Garden Before:

The New and Improved Kitchen Garden:

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