Saturday, July 10, 2010

Powdery Mildew!

Yikes!  I think I have powdery mildew on one of my zucchini plants!  I can't say that it happened over night.  I have noticed a leaf or two here or there in the last few days with suspicious white spots which I removed. 
After my daily inspection of the garden today, I flipped one of the leaves over and can only assume the worst.  Not sure what kind of damage this can do to the entire plant.

I immediately removed the affected leaves and sprayed with a solution of 1 to 9 parts milk/water as per the suggestion on the following link:

It would seem that milk has properties that help prevent powdery mildew.  I remember spraying my tomato plants last year after reading the following advise from

For some reason I forgot to do that this year, but am planning to do an entire application tomorrow if the weather is good.  I'll keep monitoring the situation.  If the milk/water solution doesn't work, I have read about a baking soda concoction that can also be effective.


Meghan Richard said...

My husband and I avidly follow your blog as we live in Dartmouth and recently started a veggie garden of our own. I saw this neat link and thought I would share it with you.

I was also wondering if you started your cilantro from seed. We could not find any transplants around town this year.

This blog is about a small backyard vegetable garden in Halifax, Nova Scotia. said...

Hi Meghan! Thanks for posting a comment! Nice to see someone other than a family member is following along :). I checked out that link...interesting idea. I'm always looking for different ways to 'tuck' more into to the space. Gives me something to think about for next year.

I did start the cilantro from seed i ordered from hope seeds ( I had read that cilantro was hard to start from seed and didn't like to be transplanted, but i didn't seem to have any problems.