Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eat Your Veggies

I decided to pick what was left of the beets today.  They grew nicely for awhile then just seemed to stop.  Time to replant with something else for a fall harvest.  Had them all for lunch today, simply steamed.  Delish.
It is really nice having a herb garden at home.  When the need arises, I can just pop out back and pick what I need for sauces, pestos, etc.  Today, I tried something new....Parsley and Mint Dog Biscuits!  The claim is that it will make my dog's breath smell nice. Thought it was worth a try.  The dog LOVED them but the jury is out as to whether he has 'fresher' breath!  (Recipe can be found here: ...see Tess' Tasty Treats).

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