Friday, September 3, 2010

Battening Down the Hatches

Took some time this evening to 'secure' the kitchen garden to face the onslaught of a possible hurricane/tropical storm tomorrow morning.

So far, it looks like the eye of Earle will hit the Yarmouth area.  According to predictions, we in Halifax are likely to experience high winds.  Fingers crossed that my kitchen garden will survive.  I'm most worried about about my Roma Tomatoes in the big raised bed.  They are supported by those metal spirally poles but have grown a little wild and sprawled all over the place. I'm hoping they'll withstand the winds.  The plants are loaded with green tomatoes so I hope I don't lose any.

At least the hot, humid weather is starting to leave (in the last hour over supper I've noticed a significant change in the temperature as the winds pick up).  I'm hoping to get a batch of something tomato-y started on the stove with the collected tomatoes on my counter...if i have power that is!

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