Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eat Your Veggies (In a Heat Wave)

I was amused today to read that many of my fellow vegetable garden bloggers have been braving the heat by canning, saucing and preserving their harvest in the midst of a heat wave.  Amused, because I too have been creating a sauna in my kitchen in an attempt to use up the soon-to-be over-ripe tomatoes collecting on my kitchen counter.  For my part, I insanely chose to make my favourite vegetable stock, requiring an hour of roasting vegetables in the oven and an hour or so of simmering on the stove top (I have cooked this stock on the stove for a longer period of time, but the hour was just about all I could take).  We gardeners are ambitious to say the least.

The recipe I use is adapted from the following recipe, called appropriately "World's Greatest Vegetable Broth".

In my version, I omit the turnips and replace them with a sweet potato.  I will usually leave out the cloves.   The tomatoes, parsley, carrots and onions (used green onions this time) were all from the garden.  The celery, pepper and garlic were picked up at the new Seaport Farmer's Market last Saturday.  A mostly-local dish.

Even though I'm still swealtering, I'm satisfied to have 4 ziploc-bags full ready for freezing.

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