Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seed Starting Experiment

At the moment, I have my seedling station temporarily set up in my bedroom. So far under the lights I have two types of onions, kale, parsley, cilantro and various lettuces. I'm in the process of doing a major purge and clean of my basement so had to move everything upstairs to clear some room to work around. I have a 'table-top' seed starting light (generously donated by my father-in-law) that has served me well the past 2 years. The problem is that even though i've just begun planting seeds for 2011, I'm already running out of room! I have the supplies to construct a new seed station out of a recycled shop light (also donated by my father-in-law!), but until the basement is entirely cleared, I won't have the time or room to put it all together. I suppose I should get going with my 'spring cleaning', but things are slow-going and I've been lacking motivation of late. In the meantime, I was really excited to stumble upon a seed starting technique called, 'winter-sown' that seems to be exactly what I need right now!

 The concept behind the wintersown technique is that you sow seeds outdoors in homemade mini-greenhouses- in winter! How great is that! There is a whole website dedicated the wintersown technique, so check it out for all the details and instructions:

As an experiment, I have been using recycled containers and so far have 2 rounds of wintersown seedlings. The second week of March I put out onions, parsley, spinach and kale. This week, I set out Marigolds, Calendula, Cosmos, Swiss Chard and Thyme. I may be putting some thing out too early. Others too late. We'll see how it goes!

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