Friday, March 25, 2011

Urban Veggie Garden Inspiration

I stumbled upon this youtube video featuring an urban vegetable garden in Seattle.  Literally every part of the front and back yard is under cultivation- a true inspirational urban farm.


The person featured in the video has a blog and a book that is being released later this year:


Gardeningbren said...

I had a bit of a problem watching this video on your blog so thanks for attaching the link)).

Thank you for following my very excited to read through yours and learn your triumphs and struggles)))'s hard when you are just starting out, but also awesome, because the results are so rewarding.

This blog is about a small backyard vegetable garden in Halifax, Nova Scotia. said...

Thanks for following my blog too! Vegetable Gardening has definitely been a rewarding experience for me so far and I love reading about what other local gardeners like yourself are up to! Not sure what would be the issue with the video. I tested it from a couple of different computers and it seemed to work- I'm not very 'tech-y' though:)