Friday, April 15, 2011

Vegetable Lineup for 2011

You know the expression, 'your eyes are bigger than your stomach'?  Well, in terms of my seed purchasing for 2011- my eyes were definitely bigger than my garden space!.  My seed line up for 2011 has expanded quite a bit since last year. Maybe a little too much! It's extremely tempting when faced with so many interesting choices!

I guess my seed selection is loosely based on a variety of factors.  Will I save money growing it myself? Is it hard to find organically at the farmers market? Will I eat it? Will my family eat it?  Does it take up a lot of space, and if it does take up a lot of space, can I grow it vertically?

If I was simply looking to save money (and the jury is out so far as to whether I'm actually saving money), I would exclusively grow tomatoes, carrots, celery, garlic, onions, and spinach, as these are the vegetables I use the most all year round. But where would the fun be if I limited myself to just a few veggies? As you can see from the list below, I am planning on growing much more than that!  I have even found myself being swayed by the seed names themselves (ex. Costata Romanesca, Cosmonaut Volkov), not to mention the descriptions that come with the packages!

The main star of my summer garden will be Tomatoes. They are expensive to buy organically, even at the farmers market (at least in the volumes I want ) You also can't beat the fact that you can literally pick and choose your varieties. If all goes according to plan, I hope to grow enough for fresh eating and sauce making. To that end, I have doubled the number of tomato plants over last year , eliminated things like Broccoli (not worth the space it takes in my opinion), and reduced the amount of other plants that I had spotty success with last year but haven't given up on yet (I'm talking about you sweet peppers).

Returning to the Kitchen Garden Line up for 2011:
San Marzano Tomatoes (Hope Seeds)
Evergreen Bunching Onions (Hope Seeds)
Five Colour Silver Beet Swiss Chard (Hope Seeds)
Nantes Carrots (Hope Seeds)
Flat Leaf Parsley (Hope Seeds)
Cilantro (Hope Seeds)
Beurre de Rocquencourt Bean (Hope Seeds)
Costata Romanesca Zucchini (Hope Seeds)
Mideast Prolific Cucumber (Hope Seeds)
Fingerling Potatoes (Hope Seeds)
Bouquet Dill (Hope Seeds)
Genovese Basil  (Hope Seeds)
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach (Hope Seeds)
Lacinato Dinosaur Kale (Hope Seeds)

New to the Scene for 2011:
Garlic (planted last fall Organic Stock bought at Halifax Seed)
Cranberry Pole Bean (Hope Seeds)
Ina's White Pole Bean (Hope Seeds)
Mystery Keeper Tomato (Mapple Farms)
Black Plum Tomato (Mapple Farms)
Cosmonaut Volkov Tomato (Hope Seeds)
Red Roma Bush Tomato (Clover Roads Organic Farm)
Orange Roma Bush Tomato (Clover Roads Organic Farm)
Sun Gold Tomato (Halifax Seed)
Ernie's Plump Tomato (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Soup Celery (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Lettuce Leaf Basil (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Dragon Tongue Bush Bean (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Adrina Tomato (container) (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Sucrine Romain Lettuce (Hawthorne Farm)
Brown Golding Romain Lettuce (Hawthorne Farm)
Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Little Marvel Pea (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Sugar Ann Snap Pea (Hope Seeds)
Monstreux Viroflay Spinach (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Red Russian Kale (Hawthorne Farm)
Rosa di Milano Red Onion (Hope Seed)
Doe Hill Pepper (Heritage Harvest Seeds)
Sweet Dumpling Squash (Annapolis Seeds)
Tat Soi (Hawthorne Farm)
Danvers 126 Carrots (Hope Seeds)
Provider Bush Bean (Mapple Farms)
Success PMR Yellow Squash (Hawthorne Farm)
Salad Bush Cucumber (Halifax Seed)

Rose Gold Potato (Hope Seeds)
Onaway Potato (Hope Seeds)

Totally Random Seed Choice in the "What-was-I-Thinking-'Cause-I-Really-Have-No-Room-but-Would-be-Fun-to-Grow Category" (that I may or may not use depending how much room I have):
Orchard Baby Corn (Mapple Farms)
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon (Mapple Farms)

Now that the list is written down- yikes! Definitely a little too ambitious!   Believe it or not, I do have a detailed plan!  I have mapped out when,where, and how I expect to grow most of these items. Some are for spring, summer, fall or even winter crops. I will be using a lot of containers and grow bags, using intensive, succession and inter-cropping growing techniques.



Year Round Vegetable Gardener said...

Wow! This sounds amazing.. you may have more veggies than me! :)

Thanks for sharing.. you've given me more to add to my list for next year.. I hope you post on how these turn out for you..

Broadfork said...

You're not alone in your inability to keep your number of different varieties down. We're doing WAY too many tomato varieties and 90 different varieties of garlic(!)'s so much fun though.