Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Wintersown" Update

The seeds I started outdoors using the 'wintersown' technique ( ) are starting to sprout and show some growth.  The lettuce and spinach are so far the furthest along.

I have been lifting the tops of the containers on the really warm days to let in some air so they don't overheat.  Interestingly enough, the swiss chard is starting to sprout as well. Interesting because the swiss chard I seeded indoors at the same time is just starting to poke through now.

Also doing well are thyme and kale (despite knocking the container over). 

This week, out of curiosity I set out some containers of basil seeds.  It will be interesting to see how a warmer-loving plant performs with this method. The next step will be to figure out when to plant the seedlings.

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Your seedlings are coming along nicely. I will have to check out this wintersown technique- I have lots to learn about growing vegetables!
P.S. I am from Dartmouth originally, so I guess that makes me a transplanted "bluenoser".