Monday, June 13, 2011

New Trellis

Last week was an extremely busy week spent at work (ie my regular job, not gardening work) and shuffling kids back and forth from sports activities. Despite my busy schedule, I managed to get a new trellis constructed to support the zucchini, cucumber and tomato plants in the lower raised beds.

In my continuing effort to be more frugal when it comes to all things garden, the total cost for the trellis was $1.15! I made it out of materials I had on hand, and the money I did spend was for a sample size jar of black paint I found in the miss-tint section at Home Depot. I had a choice of using electrical conduit or bamboo for the cross bars. I ended up going with the conduit and I like how the silver looks against the black posts. It's extremely sturdy, which I'm hoping will be an advantage when hurricane season rolls around.

The zucchini will be trained up the left post. I haven't decided yet how to attach the cucumber, but it will either be with some netting, or to a ladder of sorts made out of bamboo. I am planning on growing the two tomato plants up strings of twine. I grew tomatoes this way my first year of gardening , and this system seemed to work well. Surprisingly strong - and cheap! That year, when we had high winds from a hurricane/tropical storm off shore, it held up without a problem.

While I'm trying to 'hurricane' proof my garden, I neglected to protect it against my husband. It is a bit of an obstacle course back there and and things are packed in pretty tightly at the moment. While I'm used to manoeuvring my way around, my husband is not. When he was helping me put the trellis up, he ended up overturning pots all over the place. My yellow summer squash plant was also broken at the stem. Sigh. I covered the part of the stem that was damaged, and I'm hoping it will survive. I planted a couple of seeds close by just in case.


Gardeningbren said...

I was very interested to read you are growing your tomato plants up strings of twine. I have never used this method before except this year I have. Does the twine tighten and choke the vine..that was my worry.

Really like the conduit; strong as you say!

Dale Calder said...

Your garden is looking great. How did you add the list of blogs that you follow. I would like to do the same. Several people come to my blog by clicking on the link in your blog. I have this app called Feedjit on mine that shows me where people are from, not who they are, and how the arrived on the blog. Today someone from Quispamsis, New Brunswick came to my blog via yours.

My Kitchen Garden Party said...

Sorry I haven't replied to your comments until now. I have been having some problems posting comments in blogger lately.

I found that when I used the twine, it had enough 'give' to it that it did not choke the tomato vine- I made it tight enough to support the vine, but loose enough to move with it, in the wind, etc. I did prune the plant to one vine and gradually wound it around and up the twine as it grew.

I think this is how I added my list of blogs: In the blogger dashboard, under "settings", I went to add a gadget and it was either the "Blog List" or "Link List" towards the bottom of the list. From there I just added the 'url' to the list. I think you are more savy than I am at this as I had no idea you can track traffic like that! Hope that helps.