Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spring Update

Phew! A very busy week of planting, digging, moving pots, and other such gardening activities has left me really tired (in a good way) , with no energy for posting an update on the blog until now!

The backyard is looking muddy and in desperate need of a clean up, but I am now satisfied to have most of the seedlings planted. Up until mid-week last week, it seemed like the temperatures would never rise! Once I noticed a warming trend, I decided to go ahead and get the transplants in the ground as they were looking like they were in need of a new environment. I have haphazardly covered them as much as possible with various 'found' materials at night as an added protection against the elements. Right now, it looks like I'm growing marshmallows out there, not vegetables.
Had a little bit of a gardening 'crisis' this month, when I was was unable to buy any new cedar half-barrels. I was going to add at least 5 new barrels this year, but that plan went to pot (pun intended) when I couldn't find any in the stores. I had been checking frequently at my local big box store, but depending on the salesperson I talked to, they were either waiting for them to come in, they weren't getting them in at all, or they were already sold out. With time running out, I had to quickly come up with different container ideas to get through this season. I found an inexpensive 'grow bag' at Lee Valley Tools called a "Smart Pot", that I decided to try out.,51603

I have planted these with tomatoes. The rest of the tomatoes that didn't go into the raised beds, were planted in sobey's reusable grocery bags. These seemed to work last year, so I'm trying it again.

Right now, I have the pots placed all together on the left side of the garden to make it easier to cover at night.  Once I no longer need the row covers, I will re-arrange them into better positions.

Here are a few highlights of the garden on June 1:


Green Onions in pots:

Peas (and the slug I missed bottom centre):


Swiss Chard:

First harvest: a sucrine lettuce salad with simple apple cider vinaigrette, goat cheese and walnuts.


Gardeningbren said...

Your salad looks delicious ...oh I hope last night's storm didn't damage the new transplants...

Your square footage is remarkable and peas way ahead of mine. Still don't have our potatoes in!

Impressive! Your Bluenose is definitely becoming a green thumb.

My Kitchen Garden Party said...

Thanks for the nice comments! The transplants made it through the storm. Much better than I did- a bit of a sleepless night!