Friday, July 22, 2011

Garden Tour

It's been awhile since I've posted some pictures of the garden.  It's hard to believe how fast things are growing.  It's starting to look positively 'jungle-like' out there. 
I've had a few challenges in the past week.  Some high winds have taken their toll.  I lost the zucchini plant that was in the raised bed.  It seemed to just break in half. Thankfully, my 'rooftop' zucchini has survived.  I did have to tie it down a bit last friday, when it was particularly windy.  It's now starting to produce and I can't wait for the first harvest!  It's interesting that this plant, which I direct seeded, is by far stronger looking and thicker than the one I transplanted in the raised bed.

The tomatoes were showing signs of being somewhat taken over by aphids.  This seems to happen every year at this time.  I sprayed with a homemade 'tomato leaf spray' I found here:

I have used this spray every year so far and it seems to do the trick. It takes a couple of days, and sometimes  multiple applications, but the aphids are now gone, thank goodness, and the tomatoes are looking healthier.  The tomatoes in the containers I got from Lee Valley are doing great, better than the ones in the beds:
I have finally manged to plant enough Swiss Chard to maintain a continual harvest.  I love 'the chard' so much! I found the 3 squares I planted last year were not nearly enough.  This year, I have doubled the space and have been able to pick enough for a meal every couple of days.  Pictured below is the swiss chard in the big bed, with corn (bottom right), and green onions (left):

I have bush beans planted all over the place, and tried to stagger them this year for a lengthier harvest.  The dragon tongue beans are looking healthy and showing signs of flowering. 
The sweet dumpling squash from Annapolis Seeds is starting to take over the area between the two lower beds.  I have been trying to train it so it will 'spill over' into the front area of the garden (pictured on the right of the photo below).
I'm crossing my fingers that this year will finally be the year that I have a successful pepper crop.  I have them growing in a reuseable sobey's bag and tucked it by some of the garden stones for warmth.  Last week I covered them at night when the temperatures were cool. So far so good. There are tons of blossoms and signs of peppers starting to grow:
I have been continually harvesting green onions for at least a month now- by far my most consistent and successful crop. This year I've discovered that they grow really well in pots.  The container onions grew faster and are bigger than any of the ones I planted in the raised beds:
Finally, the Salad bush cucumber is showing signs of being on the verge of a bumper harvest.  There are literally tons of small cucumbers waiting to grow big enough to be picked.

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