Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's for Dinner?

It's days like these that make me really happy that I have turned my backyard into a vegetable garden.

Had a late day at work.  Came home and picked myself some dinner. So easy and delicious!

I couldn't stand the wait, and decided to break open one of the potato grow bags.  As expected I had enough potatoes for a meal.  Made them simply following this recipe from Clean Eating Magazine using parsley and green onions (in place of the chives) also from the garden.  I sprinkled on some fresh peas, steamed some swiss chard, and voila. A tasty meal!



Roberta Palm said...

We just harvested some fingerling potato's last night. It is worth all the hard work! :-)

Roberta Palm said...

oops, potatoes....not potato's...I knew that looked funny, one of those words that is odd...but they do taste pretty good. I'm starting my fall peas soon. My last peas were in spring, too hot here in zone 5! Our heat index over a 100 the past few weeks!