Thursday, August 11, 2011

How's It Growing?

Since my vacation plans have yet again been foiled by rain, I am instead spending time in the garden puttering around and taking pictures.  Here are the latest shots taken today. 

Mid-east Prolific Cuke

Ernie's Plump Tomato:
Orchard Baby Corn

Doe Hill Pepper:

Salad Bush Cuke (in Sobey's 'growbag'):

Sweet Dumpling Squash (only 2 so far):

Playhouse/Rooftop "Experimental" Garden area.  The Cranberry Pole Beans growing on the side are doing well and are flowering.  I'm still mourning the loss of my main zucchini plant in the raised bed, but the zucchini on the roof is still growing and has produced about 4 good-sized zucchini so far.  Not the bumper zucchini crop I was hoping for but at least it is giving me something.  I have let the sungold tomato plant go wild and looks like it will produce more tomatoes than the plants I have on the ground.   

I've been regularly harvesting swiss chard and green onions- by far my best crop.  So far I have been picking the odd zucchini, cucumber and carrot.  I can't wait for the tomatoes to start ripening. 

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