Saturday, March 3, 2012

My New-(ish) Seed Starting Light System

Last year, in the middle of winter, I gave my husband a task to make me a new seed starting light system on the cheap.  I was inspired by instructions I found in an old copy of Urban Farm Magazine  using  PVC.  Well, he was working on it over in his dad's garage (we don't have a suitable indoor 'work space'), and somehow his dad got involved and I ended up with this pimped up version:

It is made out of copper 'scraps', soldered together for strength.  I have one shop light set up on it right now, but will be adding a new one for double the space in the coming weeks.  You can raise the lights up and down as needed, and also dismantle it when not in use for easy storage. 

Last year, with only one side in operation, it worked like a charm and allowed me to maximize my seed starting production.  

Over the weekend I got all my seed starting supplies out and they are dusted and ready to go.  Bring on spring!!

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