Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's Happening...

So, what's happening at the end of April in my kitchen garden?  Not a whole lot.  I'm pretty sure this time last year I had a lot of the lettuce and onion seedlings in.  As of today, they are still on my balcony, having been successfully hardened off.  I was planning on planting them this weekend, but the forecast was calling for sub-zero temperatures at night, so I held off.  I let them stay on the balcony, which is a sheltered location, and covered them with a row cloth. 

Meanwhile, in the garden itself....

Nothing to harvest as yet, but I do have lots of garlic growing:

I think I have almost 40 cloves in the ground.  Most are in the big raised bed, but as an experiment, I have also planted some in two different containers; the clay pot pictured above, and the old fruit crate, below:

Under a row cover, I have direct seeded some arugula, beet, spinach, lettuce and cilantro.   So far, a lot have sprouted, but only the 'Sucrine' romaine lettuce has shown any significant growth. 

Peas are coming along nicely.

In addition to the lettuce seedlings I planted indoors,  I also set out a few ziploc bags of seeds a couple of weeks ago, using the 'winter-sown' method I tried out last year.  Pictured below, is the 'Crisp Mint' romaine.  If I remember correctly, last year I interplanted the wintersown lettuce with tomatoes and other warm weather crops, which became a 'second' wave of lettuce to harvest.

And lastly, I will be interested to see how much my 'over-wintered' kale grows.  So far, not nearly enough for a harvest.  At least it didn't die over the winter months:

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