Monday, July 23, 2012

Vegging Out

It seems like I have been literally vegging out the whole month of July.  The weather has been so fantastic, I rarely spend enough time inside to pump out a blog post.  I was away at the beginning of July for a week and when I came back, the garden had exploded!  So much growth in such a short time.  I was told that it was rainy and sunny that week, and that must have been a perfect combination for growing! 

I have been harvesting and enjoying salad greens, swiss chard, kale, green onion and raspberries, and I am anticipating the first beans this week.  I had a ton of garlic scapes to consume a couple weeks back, and I enjoyed experimenting with various recipes.  I discovered that by simply whipping up 3-4 scapes and enough oil to make a paste in my food processor, you have a versatile 'garlic-scape' oil that makes a very delicious garlic bread, a topping for grilled chicken, or a tasty vinaigrette with the addition of some lemon juice. 

So far the usual pests have kept their damage to a minimum, although this week I had a visit from some deer (I think), who ate the leaves on my pole beans.

This summer has been wonderful weather-wise.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but we could now use a little rain (at least before I go on vacation again- then it can go back to being sunny).  This is the first time I can remember watering so much.  In years past, we had so much rain, I rarely had to water the garden at all! 

Following is a picture diary of how things are looking this week:

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