Wednesday, October 24, 2012

There's A Little Life In Her Yet....

It has been a while since I've last posted an update on the progress of the kitchen garden.  Fall is now upon us and soon I will be in 'leaf collection' mode.  Until then, I really must get busy and clean up the garden before it all freezes over. Oh, and there's the garlic to plant too. So much to do!

Despite my neglect and the colder temperatures this week, the garden still has some life left. My 'fall' crops, as meagre as they are, are still growing.  Here are a few pictures of what is still growing in the kitchen garden as of this morning:

My 'fall' kale was pretty much eaten by cabbage worms, but is starting to bounce back.  I grew about 6 plants.  There is probably not enough time for a decent harvest, but I will cover it with a bucket over the winter and see if it sprouts back to life again next spring (this technique worked well for me last year!).

I never seem to have enough cilantro in the garden, but managed to get a small fall crop by direct seeding in a few pots:

I grew carrots in a container this year, and will soon 'harvest' what is left of them.
I grew a few beets, mostly for the greens.  I think the ones pictured below are Bulls Blood:
The parsley grew well this year, and has been giving me a constant supply whenever I need it:
Leaf lettuce in a container:

Finally, the swiss chard, as per usual, is the champion of my garden.  I plant it in spring, and harvest it all season long:

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Mónica said...

Que huerto más bonito tienes! Yo también tengo repollos y también tengo el gusano de la col. Hay hojas que se las han comido enteras.
Y el cilantro, que me encanta.